How To (Really) Master Your McKinsey PEI 

- All you need to know for sailing through the McKinsey PEI and securing your offer - 

The Ultimate McKinsey PEI Prep eBook

The McKinsey PEI is the most underestimated part of the whole recruiting process, making up ~50% of the candidate's overall evalulation.

To succeed in your McKinsey PEI, this eBook contains everything you need to know to...

  • Choose the best examples for your own PEI
  • Perfectly structure your PEI examples
  • Focus on the critical aspects within your examples
  • Ensure a high-impact delivery of your examples
  • Save tons of time to prepare efficiently short term
  • Avoid all fatal mistakes that other candidates make

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Ultimate McKinsey PEI Prep

The Ultimate PEI Prep eBook (Value $412) Your ultimate guide for McKinsey PEI preparation with all you need to know in one single ressource.

McKinsey PEI Cheat Sheet

The Secret McKinsey PEI Cheat Sheet (Value $297) Now including a secret cheat sheet to cross-check all your examples against McKinsey PEI requirements.


Bonus 1: General fit questions (Value $97) Get to know the most commonly asked McKinsey general fit questions and how to answer them correctly.


Bonus 2: Questions to ask yourself (Value $97) Insightful questions you should ask at the end of your interviews to differentiate yourself from other candidates.


Bonus 3: Must-read consulting books (Value $97) Must-read books to start thinking like a real tier-1 consultant instead of a regular McKinsey applicant.

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What This eBook Has to Offer

The Ultimate McKinsey PEI Prep eBook contains everything you desperately need to know on 170+ pages to ultimately succeed in your McKinsey PEI (Personal Experience Interview).

McKinsey big picture

The McKinsey Big Picture

Understanding the big picture and McKinsey's perspective is important for heading into the right direction.

Real McKinsey interviewers PEI questions

30 Real Interviewers' PEI Questions

Don't get caught off-guard by your interviewer's PEI questions and prepare accordingly upfront.

McKinsey PEI dimensions

Precise Definition of PEI Dimensions

Before even starting to prepare your own PEI examples, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of each PEI dimension.

McKinsey PEI examples

15 Examples of Other Candidates 

Have a reality-check of your own PEI examples by comparing them to examples of other candidates.

Proven McKinsey PEI process

6-Step Proven Prep Process

Following a structured, time-tested process in preparing your PEI increases the breadth and depth of our examples.

Common McKinsey PEI mistakes to avoid

9 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid mistakes which other candidates already made in the past, costing them their precious McKinsey offers.

Recent McKinsey PEI Blog Posts

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How to structure your McKinsey PEI – STAR vs. PARADE Each situation you are preparing for the McKinsey PEI needs to be well structured. It is not only about telling an example – you also need to get the main topics across in a short period of time, which is roughly 10-12 minutes out of the total interview time which is allocated to the PEI...

What are some typical McKinsey PEI questions during your interviews? This is one of the most common question from candidates in my PEI coaching sessions. Everyone seems to be curious how a real McKinsey PEI (Personal Experience Interview) is starting, and how difficult it is to find out which of the dimensions the interviewer is referring to ...

How long does the McKinsey PEI (Personal Experience Interview) take? For most candidates, the McKinsey PEI lasts in total around 12-15 minutes. It follows some social chit-chat in the very beginning of your interview session and some more general CV-related questions your interviewers might have, and will be before your case interview. (Hint: ...)

How detailed does the McKinsey Personal Experience Interview really get? And it is true that interviewers sometimes ask about the precise words you were using in a specific situation of your PEI example? After having the first PEI coaching session with me, basically all candidates are really surprised by how detailed the McKinsey PEI gets. Most candidates...

Why is the McKinsey PEI so important for the overall evaluation of a candidate? Alongside doing a lot of data analytics especially in the more junior ranks of the consulting firms, there is still a high level of intense relations with the client organization starting with day one as a consultant. After all, consulting is a people business, thus McKinsey is putting a lot of ...

Can I use the same PEI example in different McKinsey Personal Experience Interviews? Or can use them at least in different interview rounds? Or can use them at least in different interview rounds? In total there are only 3 different Personal Experience Interview dimensions (Leadership, Personal Impact, Entrepreneurial Drive), but more than 3 interviews to reach your ...

For all McKinsey PEI Blog posts, please visit

About Robert

Hi, my name is Robert and I wanted to say hello and welcome you to your McKinsey PEI prep - it's great to see you preparing for the McKinsey PEI at all (you wouldn't believe how many candidates are going to McKinsey interviews without a solid PEI prep - needless to say, a surefire way to unnecessarily lose your McKinsey offer!).

As we didn't have had a chance yet to get to know each other in one of my high-impact interview coachings, I just felt it's good to give you a brief idea about my background as well.

I am the founder of, multiple book author on consulting interview prep, a high-impact case interview & PEI coach having secured McKinsey offers for candidates even without having them go through final round interviews [yes, they only needed to sign the contract with a partner, without any more interviews by them], most viewed writer on 'case interviews' on with more than 100.000 views on my answers, PrepLounge Premium Expert with >95% recommendation rate and some more things like that.  

I don't intend to brag with all that, nor to bore you to death - just want to emphasize that this is serious stuff which works 100%!  


What Real Other Candidates Are Saying About Robert's Ultimate McKinsey PEI Prep 

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"Robert is a very professional and friendly coach. The insights he provided me to better prepare the PEI are invaluable and I felt very comfortable exchanging with him. Furthermore he took additional time in the session to ensure I got the better of it. I would strongly recommend him."


"A very friendly and professional expert partner. The session was very helpful, informative and interesting. Moreover, I also enjoyed the fact that Robert is very flexible and patient. He reacted to my specific questions and provided me with tailored and bespoke advice. I would definitely advice to apply for sessions with Robert..."


"Great experience, very considerate and helpful feedback, tailored to my specific situation and weaknesses. Very effective communication and pleasure to work together!"


"Robert provided incredibly useful input, has made me feel much more confident about the PEI section of the interview!"


"Robert is an excellent coach if you want to crack your PEI interview with McK. I highly recommend him.


Candidates success rates

From all candidates using the Ultimate McKinsey PEI Prep eBook and having had at least 1 coaching session with me, a stunning 96% were successful in their McKinsey PEI (based on last 24 months data).

The Ultimate McKinsey PEI Prep success rates

Candidates From All Around The World Trust The Ultimate PEI Prep eBook & PEI Coaching

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How To (Really) Master Your McKinsey PEI

- The Ultimate McKinsey Personal Experience Interview Prep -

The Ultimate McKinsey PEI Prep eBook

Ever wondered how some candidates excel in their PEI and others fail miserably, both investing the same time and effort in prep?

The Ultimate McKinsey PEI Prep eBook contains everything you need to know on 170+ pages to...

  • Choose the right examples at all for each PEI dimension
  • Perfectly structure your PEI examples
  • Focus on the correct aspects within your examples
  • Have a high-impact delivery of your examples
  • Save tons of time to prepare efficiently short term
  • Avoid all fatal mistakes that other candidates make

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